Sunday, 3 July 2016

Birthday Bits

Well another year older and closer to death (as somebody once sang), but a few goodies for the painting bureau received as part of the birthday package (even if I did have to write them down for the boss, and even buy the kits for my boys to give me). 

Birthday goodies

So we have a couple of Airfix 25pdr and Quad kits for my North Africa ambitions.  Which, with hindsight (such a wonderful thing), I might have been better going for the Italeri kit having now read some of the write ups and made a start on these kits.
Along with the kits there is a set of 3 UniPin pens 0.1mm fine line pens (red, blue and black) and a W&N Series 7 Miniature size 000.

In Other News

The Dak is slowly but surely coming on with the huge filling job completed and sanded off.  I know that when the undercoat is applied there will be areas which look a little rough, but this is going to be a wargaming piece primarily and not a exact miniature presentation fit to grace the pages of a magazine so I'm not going to go back and refill all the little bits and bobs, then sand again and prime again.  Life really is too short.  If it's good from a couple of feet then that'll do.  Now to mask it all up ready for a spray.

All sanded down and the engraving redone, hopefully it wont look to bad once sprayed up.

No progress getting the Tomahawk or Spit on the field at the moment, I need to get to a descent hobby/model shop to get some spray mattcoat which will hopefully take the sheen of them both.  For now they gather dust.

At least the gathering dust gives a matt finish

I've already made a start on the first of the Morris Quad tractors and it seems a far more tricky kit than I was perhaps expecting, mainly due to the actual body of the thing coming in several spate pieces which need some fairly precise gluing.

I think that's the easy bit done!!!


  1. Nice gifts! The Dak is looking good as well. Any progress is good progress!

    1. Hope to do better in the next couple of weeks and at least get it masked up and primed.

  2. Looks like you've been busy.

  3. Looks like you've been busy.

  4. I saw on TMP you were asking about the Airfix Quad. As another recent "victim" of this kit, here is the advice I gave to another TMPer:

    I recently assembled 2x Airfix 25pdrs and limbers and they are basic but went together fine. I already had enough Quads but just for the heck of it I also assembled one of these.

    I must say, the fit was pretty awful. Can't remember whether it was always so or if the moulds have worn badly. I would recommend "dry" fitting everything on the Quad part of the kit and adjusting accordingly before gluing. Also note that the centre strut of the windshield also needs to be extended as it won't meet the bonnet – this was always a problem with the kit – and is best done before attaching the roof.


    1. Cheers Dave. Must admit as I've been trying to dry fit I thought that centre post looked way too short. Looks like I'm going to have to be inventive with a bit of sprue or such like.
      Must admit I was surprised that the barrel of the gun is in two halves - lengthways, seems a very odd way to do it.

    2. Yes, the gun creates a nasty seam. Also, something else I forgot to mention regarding the Quad. That hub/nut thingy that goes on top of the spare wheel in the Airfix kit seems to be completely bogus. Reference pics are hard to find but you will get the gist of how it should look here: