Monday, 18 July 2016

Garage Raiding II - Return To The Garage

Picking up from where the last adventure into the garage left off......
So this box was only given a cursory check over last time, so I've had a more detailed look inside now.  More vintage goodness ahead.
The Judge Dredd boardgame was pretty obvious, as was a rather old edition of Command & Conquer PC game.  Pendragon was one of those intreresting RPGs that never really took off as I recall.  Not totally sure where it came from to be in my collection either, don't remember buying it.

Most of my AD&D 2nd edition rulebooks, though I do have the newer versions of the PHB and DMG on a shelf in the house.

Well used PHB and DMG, the others not so much.

Third Edition Runequest.  This newer version of RQ didn't really catch on like the original had, didn't seem to have the same gravitas or rich background, whether it was Games Workshops involvement I couldn't tell you.  Wish I knew what had happened to my original box set of it though.

Crasimoff's World PBM (CW) unofficial newsletter.  Now I started my working life as one of GMs for this hand moderated PBM* fantasy rpg, straight out of school.  It was quite a big thing in its time (advertised in White Dwarf and the like), and kept me in beer money for a number of years.  Through the regular 'Crasimeets' (conventions) the GMs all got named after one of the different Gods, I was T'Gellen - God of Fire due to my fiery ginger locks (and nothing to do with playing with matches too much).

Some rather tasty original artwork which a customers' (subsequently to become friend) cousin did based on his characters in CW.

20th Century rulesets

More miscellaneous rules and modules, interesting set of official AD&D Character sheets which I don't think ever actually got used.

MERP modules
AD&D Scenarios and bits

In other miscellaneous bits and bobs there was this shanty hut which I'd managed to spray the interior black, no idea who made it but it's plaster and at least 20 years old (as is most of this stuff).  And a bunch of old lead.
plaster shanty hut
Here are some close ups of the old lead

No idea, but love the old skool beermat basing.
Have a feeling I had a few 'Nam figures to go with this photographer chappy.
Think the barbarian came with a job lot of 2nd hand stuff.

Front and back views of a Citadel Traveller figure, 15mm I'd guess at and absolutely no idea where, when or why I got him.

A bunch of Car Wars, or Battle Cars, minis.  Now I did play these
 occasionally but obviously never bothered to fully paint anything.

A couple of Roman ballistae,
which I think I bought with the
intention of adding dwarf crews.

Finally part of my dwarven army.  Though if I can't track down any of the others this is actually all of my dwarven army!

Always thought there were more of them than this

The original, and still the best, Bugman's Dwarf Rangers

A nice enamels job on the left (not) and a couple of the
original Citadel LotR hobbits, Merry and Sam I think.

One of my favourite dwarf figures, I remember being quite proud of the paint job when I was younger (a lot younger).

Figures bought from Tabletop Games in the 80s, but I think they were originally Dixon figures.

Always loved the pike-dwarves and wanted to get
more but was a young man of limited means so couldn't
afford at the time.  Shame about the bent one, needs
some very careful attention.
The standard bearer with a tasteful
orcs head adornment.

As I recall the TTG company had a nice range of dwarves which included crossbows and handgunner/arquebus figures as well as the usual axes and swords.  I'm sure I have some of them somewhere. 
If anybody knows if these are still in production I would be interested to hear as I might slip some in under the SWMBO** radar.

This was one of my main pieces as I recall, the mighty cannon from early 80s Citadel, pre-slotta, pre mass war engine availability for all sides.  It came with a vac-form base which was a bit flimsy, so I filled it with plaster to make a more sturdy base which happened to fit nicely on a beermat.  The base is looking pretty tired (and rather dusty) and would no doubt benefit from some new flock and perhaps some static grass (which wasn't about when it was first done).


* PBM - Play By Mail.  In the days before he internet people used the mail services to play games, sending in the orders for their characters and the GMs replied with what happened, and they actually paid for this!!!
**SWMBO Radar - She Who Must Be Obeyed - AKA The Boss, The Missus, 'Er Indoors 


  1. Impressive, elegant relics of a more civilized age.... ;)

    1. Cheers BlackWidow. Life did seem more simple in those halcyon times.

  2. More good stuff! Its the garage that keeps on giving!

    1. Thanks Paul. I've spotted at least 3 more boxed helicopters on the main long shelf and I'm sure/hope there are a few thousand 1/72 soldiers as well.

  3. Something everyone should do every now and again. I have done same and am currently refurbishing old orcs and goblins. Keep hoarding that stuff. You can't take it with you but you can sure as heck hang on to it for as long as possible.

    1. There's a definite sense of wandering down memory lane with this Woolshed, and there is surely more to come when I get time to explore the longest shelf. Think the third instalment will be a while off though.
      In the meantime, do I put any of this stuff on eBay?????