Monday, 4 April 2016

To Base or Not To Base...?

With my first two war birds nearing completion and the next project decided on the question of whether I should base things or not popped in to my head!  Now I know lots of people base their vehicles and I can see why as they are handled way more than a static plane target would do. but I'm just not sure and I can see pros and cons for my desert air force fleet.

The more I look about on t'internet for examples of based model planes the more I come to the conclusion that people simply do not base them unless they are part of a specific diorama.  Most of the pictures seem to be on white backgrounds or desks/tables.

Opinions gladly received.

A few examples of model aircraft 'basing'
examples of based wargaming vehicles


  1. I guess it depends on projected use. If you have a clear purpose in mind basing may be appropriate to reduce handling, but it might be wholly unnecessary for aircraft models not involved in game play as such. It may also make storage harder. Personally the only aircraft I ever did for ground display in a game, were designed to also go on a flying stand - and so detached from their landing gear, which was fixed to a base. This multi-purpose design was admittedly flimsy, but certainly versatile.

  2. Thanks AKI, think I'm going to go for no bases option - quicker easier and more versatile. Just going to have to find some descent storage but I have my eye on some containers which will take 2 fighters a time.

  3. Personally I'd go for non based as well, it gives you more options.