Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Chipping Away

So I managed to snatch a short time to start the weathering process on my Tomahawk and Spitfire.  Still short of some pastels or weathering powders I decided I could add those little wear marks you get, the little areas of chipped off paint and the like.
Very old Citadel Mithril Silver was the best I could muster for the purpose and my old drybrushing brush (which is now officially dead).  I targeted the leading edge of the wings and the tail fins, the panel lines of the ammo lockers and the engine cowling, along with along the join between the wing and the fuselage where the pilot would walk to gain access to the cockpit.  But I probably spent the most time on the props having read that it was not unusual for the rear side to be virtually scrubbed clean of paint whilst the front looked in good condition with just a little damage along the leading edge.  I hope these came across OK and I haven't gone to OTT.  I guess it will all look a little different again when the exhaust soot and general grime goes on.

Tomahawk looking chipped up

I'm hoping I haven't gone over the top with the chipping on the engine cover

the rear of the props looking quite scrubbed.
Spitfire sporting the same treatment.

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