Sunday, 10 April 2016

Nearly There ...

Managed to get myself motivated again (well sufficient time to myself) and started to get the birds finished with their decals.  It's more years than I care to remember since I last used these things, they seemed to come off the paper backing fairly easily but getting them stuck on in just the right place was going to be a challenge I could tell.

I started with the Tomahawk for no other reason than it was the first sheet out of the box.  Getting everything properly spaced took a few attempts but I was fairly happy with the result, then came the shark mouth which was a bit more of a challenge and took some manoeuvring and tweaking to get just right (and then a little touch up to fill the small gap between  the two sides.  You'll notice that I've left the canopy off for now as I don't want to muck it up with any weathering bits and bobs or varnish, in fact you'll see it in the back ground of some of the photos.

Tomahawk done

So I thought that the Tomahawk was going to be the hardest of the two, but I may have just underestimated the Spit.  The decals were older and really didn't want to leave the backing paper and needed quite a soak.  But then I didn't know where everything should go as the box and instructions for this kit had long been discarded to the great recycling bin in the sky.  So google-fu in full effect and everything is at your fingertips.  That said I thought the side lettering looked to be quite far forward but the instructions looked to have them there so who am I to argue.

So that's them basically done if I wanted, but I don't!  I really want to get some weathering done on them.  Read a descent article here which I'll try and implement but this months budget doesn't allow any more modelling purchases, so these will have to go in to storage for a bit.  But once I've weathered them I'll bring out the proper camera (rather than my phone) and take some descent photos with a background and everything.

A final question for any more experienced modellers out there (so that's pretty much all of you), do you hit your kits with a flat coat once done?

a little bit of wobbly wheel action, but lessons learned in that department
Still think those Spitfire markings look too far forward


  1. Nice outcome with the decals Andy.

    Not sure about the matt coat though.

    1. The matt coat question that is!

    2. Thanks Paul.
      Some guys over on TMP gave some descent advice, basically gloss coat before decals then a second coat and finally matt coat. Can't do the first bit, but I can certainly try the other steps.