Sunday, 28 February 2016

Whilst The Tin is Open

Well after the quest for Azure was finally over it would have been rude with the tin open not to paint something with it, now wouldn't it.  So the Tomahawk which started all this off was finished off underneath with an ok coat, though with it being the third coat some of the detail is now obscured.  But what to paint next.....  Well there was the that Mk1 Spitfire the youngest had made and started to paint a few years ago when I started the Tomahawk and it was sat in my bits box.  Ok it wasn't he greatest made and the paint job on the bottom was pretty poor so why not.  Did Mk1 Spits serve in North Africa?  No idea, and actually I don't care that much.  It'll probably get used more for set dressing and a target for an airfield assault scenario I have in mind.

Tomahawk and Spitfire getting their desert colours.  You can see the original paint scheme in the wheel wells of the spit.

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