Saturday, 20 February 2016

Lost First Post

We live and learn.  Whilst trying to delete a draft version of my first post I managed to actually delete my first blog post, oops.  Well here goes a brief attempt at recreating it...

I'm Andy and this is my blog about modelling and painting.  Growing up in 1970s UK I played a lot with toy soldiers and built model planes and tanks, mostly Airfix but plenty of others in there to.  This lead to wargaming and RPGs, and even a fair bit of LARPing, in my teens, later teens and early twenties.  Then girls and cars and other such important matters took over and the games and toy soldiers were put away in my parents loft.
Fast forward 20 or more years and life marches on as it does, the toy soldiers have been moved from attic to attic to garage, but they never got thrown away.  I've tried to get going again in the hobby a few times over the years, tried to get my own boys interested (with very limited success) but never had the space to leave a nice painting area set up.  
So with Christmas approaching my better half asks what I want and, having seen Big Lee of Postie's Rejects get a new painting desk (link) my present was decided.  I had to do the searching, the collecting and (come to think of it) the paying for a lovely 1946 walnut writing bureau, complete with original sales receipt.  And hence the name for the blog was set.

Now I have somewhere to store all the paints and models and other bits and pieces I have been acquiring for the last few years whilst trying to get back in to this.

So I hope this blog will give me the kick up the arse to actually get some modelling and painting done for a change.


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