Thursday, 18 February 2016

Let there be light

So as I'm tucked away in a dark corner working (or soon to be working) in my own shadow I needed a descent light to work by.  Thing is it had to be reasonably in keeping with the bureau, so a traditional bankers desk light seemed about the best choice, coupled with a descent daylight lamp.  Now these seem to range from cheap to stupid price, and of course the look I want fell in to the stupid price so a compromise had to be made and I ended up with a shiny brass rather than the antiqued look, but a proper glass shade and able to take a more powerful lamp.

So with the light ordered I found the most powerful LED lamp I could, 1901 lumens at 6500k (link), and boy is it bright.  But to be honest I'm a little disappointed that the lamp has so much plastic before the lamp proper and it limits the light to one end.  But it'll do for now, I can twist it round a bit and get plenty of light to work by.

So the obstacles stopping me getting some painting done are getting fewer and fewer :-)

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