Wednesday, 11 April 2018

A Nice Little Extra - Part 3

Well I can't believe where the time has gone with no real progress.  But I have returned to messing about with paints and sand and wotnot and made some much needed progress on the 3D printed goodies my colleague created for me.  In fact so much time has passed between me starting this article and actually getting to the point of posting that I have only gone and actually finished it!

Not happy with a lack of depth with my first coats of colour I decided a bit of a wash of burnt umber might help, so much so I slapped it about a bit on the other buildings in the project.

Not really sure that has helped.

Well I don't think it really had the effect I was hoping for, especially on the ruins, so I started to layer and dry bush over the top, which included another trip to Wilko for more tester pots in lighter shades.  This time I think I got the effect I was after, tired white.

Ruins all redone including dirty tiles.

Starting to look more like it.  You can just make out the tiled floor inside.

The it was a matter of picking out the brickwork to give it a bit more depth and break up the white.

The bases were then given a liberal dose of fine sand and left to dry off.
Re-sanding the bases for a more natural look.
The door and shutters from the 3D printing weren't all that great in my opinion so a bit of scratch building with coffee stirrers, a scalpel and some brown ink has given me something I'm pretty happy with.

I could have left it at that, but I wanted those little details to draw the eye so put some crumbled plaster at the base of the wall where the brickwork has been exposed.  I think it looks well.

A good coat of matt varnish in the spray booth followed by some strategically placed tufts and job done.  Do you think it needs more tufts?

Just need to finish off the ruins now with piles of rubble and burnt beams where it has all collapses inwards.

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