Sunday, 9 October 2016

An Unexpected Find

Well what a turn up for the books.  As things have been progressing with my Afghan/North African/Middle East compound (not decide which it is yet, the colour will determine it I think) I had run out of my to hand matchstick pile and so needed to get some more out of my long term storage, or at least where I hoped I had stored them many years ago, namely a big tool box bought especially for figures and painting stuff and shoved in a corner under the office desk (doubling as a foot stool). 
SWMBO has an identical one with card making/scrapbooking stuff in, they were pretty cheap considering the size and have proven to be quite sturdy and up to the job.  Anyhow I digress....

Baby brother more or less
 emptied when the bureau arrived
So I dragged out the weighty chest and flipped the first lid and marvelled at the amount of unpainted lead there was (I know a small pile by many peoples standards) and how many of them I had completely forgotten I had.

Dwarves, human and orcs in various states of finish

But I needed those matchsticks, so lid was closed and I  moved on to the interior of the chest.  The inner storage compartment was empty of anything of interest, lifting this inner tray away what created my eyes was quite a surprise!!  Three 1/72 armour kits I had completely forgotten about, and a bag of primitively finished and unfinished armour, along with two boxes of painted orcs and uruks and a bag of more unfinished lead.  Along with a couple of HO/OO railway wagons (for some bizarre reason).

Ooooo, a box full of goodies

99p for a kit, oh the days of cheap innocence

Not my finest work, but hey I was young what can I say.

The M113 was a terrible casting an today I would have sent it
back and demanded a replacement and/or my money back.

I can only assume I had these from a friend?

Old Citadel Regiments of Renown, with some supplements.

I think these were the first figures I ever bought, shocking paint jobs!

A mystery bag of lead.....

From the scratchings on the bottom I think these are Garrison figures, probably from the 1980s.

These fine fellows I couldn't identify a maker, but if anybody can please let me know.

Oh and the matchsticks?  They were in the baby brother toolbox which I hadn't completely emptied, or so it appears.

Ahh there they are, the little buggers!


  1. What a great find, its excellent when long forgotten gems turn up!

    1. Aint it just Ray. I know I still have another stash somewhere in the garage, somewhere.

  2. 99p a kit? Extortion. When I started an Airfix series 1 kit was 2 shillings. They're about £8 now.

    1. Ha ha ha John, I would have had to of started really early to have got them at that price being a child of the 70s.

  3. Mighty Matchbox!

    Huzzah!!! Excellent find.

    1. Got to love the old Matchbox kits, wonder what these would fetch on the bay these days.

      About £12 having a quick look, nahh not worth the hassle.

  4. Don´t ja just love it when things like this happen...old memories, the nostalgia. I´ve got literally thousands of figs in boxes (about 50, 000+ plus kits and and..)...I don´t open the boxes anymore...too many unfinished Projects spring out :-)

    1. I'm not that bad Paul, but I do know there's a stash somewhere with all my WWII 1/72 minis which probably runs to about 1,000. But the garage reorg has started (more on that in a future post) so they may turn up.